Four new companies in KSEZ

published: Sep 27, 2016, category: Investors zone

Two of them will invest in Gliwice, one company – in Radziechowy-Wieprz and one company in Lubliniec. They will invest over 250 million zloty and will create over 170 new jobs together.


German company Eurobox is the biggest and new inwestor in Lubliniec. It belongs to the Austrian holding company Prinzhorn. Eurobox will produce paper packaging and will invest over 187 mln zloty. The company will create minimum 100 new jobs.

Polish Pinta Brewery will invest 11 million zloty in the first stage untill 2018. There will be at least 30 new jobs.

Erae Poland and Ceramo will invest in Gliwice. Korean company Erae Poland (Automotive sector) will Invest over 45 million zloty and will create over 40 new jobs. Polish company Ceramo (construction industry)  is planning to invest over 12.5 million zloty and will give jobs to 6 new persons.

The declared value of expenses in KSEZ is over 1.3 billion zloty and at east 1161 new jobs in 2016.



Source: PAIiIZ, 26.09.2016;, 26.09.2016