IKEA in Zabrze

published: Aug 21, 2014, category: Investors zone

A contract between the city and the Swedish furniture concern Inter IKEA Center Poland for the purchase of 25 hectares of land in Zabrze in the vicinity of the Diametral Highway has been signed in the town hall in Zabrze.

On June 4 IKEA won the tender for the lot that is located in the Zaborze district of Zabrze for which if offered approx. 22 million zł. The area borders on the Diametral Highway.

The Swedish furniture concern is planning to construct its own store and a shopping mall. The investor has also promised to modify the transport network in the area.

The tender requirement for the sale of the lot stipulated that the purchaser should design and create a recreation area no smaller than five hectares in the Czarniawka stream valley.

To date, 22 million zł is the highest amount for the sale of real estate in Zabrze, which is developing and creating new workplaces owing to new investments.

For more information, visit: um.zabrze.pl