Jaworzno: construction of a new power unit has been commenced

published: Oct 13, 2014, category: Investors zone

Construction of a new unit in Jaworzno III Power Station with a power of 910 MW has been initiated. The first symbolic shovel was dug into the investment area by mayor Paweł Silbert, as well as representatives of the investor and invited guests.

The construction works are to be completed in 2019. It will be one of the most innovative places of this kind in Europe. The contract stipulates, among other things, construction of the main building, together with a control room in the construction and installation part, construction of a condensing turbine with a maximum power of 910 MW and a flue-gas desulfurization installation.

Since the unit will meet the requirements of  "New IPPC" directive on the industrial emission, the investors provide an environment protection guarantee.  The main contractor is the RAFAKO - MOSTOSTAL Consortium from Warsaw.

Source: www.jaworzno.pl