Polish innovations in Tel Aviv

published: Dec 19, 2014, category: Investors zone

At the beginning of December the NANONET Foundation, together with the Polish embassy in Israel and the Israeli counterpart representatives, co-organized a meeting in Tel Aviv entitled "Polish Innovation in Advanced Materials & Nanotechnologies". Among the participants of the meeting were the representatives of the Silesian NANO Cluster and the NANONET Foundation.

The conference was dedicated to the Polish innovativeness within the scope of advanced material technologies, particularly including nanotechnology. The participants also concentrated on presenting activities that could facilitate the process of acquiring partners amid Israeli companies and organizations. As part of the conference B2B talks with the representatives of Israeli companies were held.

Among the participants of the meeting were not only business representatives but also representatives of nanotechnology and advanced materials institutes. Additionally, the Israeli guest included representatives of the biggest network of companies and institutes concentrated on nanotechnology - Israeli National Nanotechnology Initiative, as well as representatives of Israeli - Europe R&D Directorate and administration representatives, among them of the Office of Chief Scientist, which occupies itself with supporting the R&D industrial sector.

Source: www.ris.slaskie.pl