Silesia Province - the leader of the investment attractiveness

published: Dec 15, 2014, category: Investors zone

The Silesia Province was announced the most investment-attractive region in Poland in 10th anniversary report "Investment Attractiveness of Provinces and Sub-regions of Poland".

The Province once again came first in “Investment Attractiveness of Provinces and Sub-regions of Poland 2014" report, conducted by the Institute for Market Economics. Investment Attractiveness, understood by the ability to attract investment, was evaluated in seven categories.  These categories were: transport availability, work costs, size and quality of work resources, absorptive power of potential customers market, economic and social infrastructure development level and level of general safety.

Work resources and social infrastructure turned out to be main assets of the Silesia Province. Among other things, the authors of the report highly rated: the large number of working people and people looking for work, highly developed institutions of higher education, intensive cultural operation and developed hotel and gastronomic infrastructure. Regional potential customers market and economic infrastructure were also rated highly.

It is worth emphasizing that all sub-regions of the Silesia Province: Katowice, Rybnik, Bielsko- Biała and Częstochowa were awarded the highest notes for investment attractiveness in their category and were ranked among the top 10 best sub-regions in the country.