The Silesian Voivodeship is inhabited by 4548180 people, which accounts for 11.8% of Poland’s total population. The highest population density is in the Upper Silesian Agglomeration. In a broader perspective, approx 8.5 mln people live within 100 km of Katowice – the region’s capital – of which over 4.5 mln are in Silesia. This results from the fact that such cities as Częstochowa, Opole, Ostrava, Bielsko-Biała and Kraków are located exactly within 100 km of Katowice. Almost 77% of Silesians live in cities or towns.

In 2017, nearly 61%, or almost 2.8 mln people, out of the total number of the Voivodeship’s residents, amounting to over 4.5 mln, were of working age. The majority of the employed (over 29%) consisted of people aged 35-44, followed by people aged 25-34 (nearly27%), and people aged 45-54 (over 21%).

Restructuring processes in the region have been accompanied by the change within the employment structure, reflected by a decrease in the number of people employed in construction, mining and quarrying, as well as manufacture of basic metals, with a corresponding increase in the service sector.

As at the end of December 2017, the rate of unemployment in the region was 5.1%. almost 37.2% of the total number of registered unemployed persons was young people under the age of 34.

As at the end of December 2018, the rate was 4.3 % and the total number of registered unemployed persons was 80 079.